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Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Centers are part of the world’s largest professional testing network that delivers more than 15 million exams in 46 languages annually. Your certification is at the heart of communities across the globe, empowering professionals in your field to protect the public, advance new technology, and drive progress for future generations.

The impact of professional certification is clear!
  • Stand out

    Certified employees get greater recognition
    of skills due to validation
  • Earn more

    23 % of Microsoft certified technologists
    earn up to 20 % more
  • Advance

    Certification makes job candidates
    stand out in a crowded job market

How to Schedule your Onsite, In-Centre International Exams

  • Visit our Exam Lead at Netcampus Centurion

    276 West street, Lords Office Park, Building 6 or email your requirements to: [email protected] | Tel: 012 643 9433 / 082 650 4149 or download your exam booking form here --> Gauteng | Cape Town

  • Request a quotation or complete our e-booking form

    Choose your desired date and timeslot

  • Enquire about any special promotions such as Microsoft Replay Vouchers
  • Please familiarise yourself with the standard terms and conditions.
  • Submit proof of payment or send your Company Purchase Order
  • Please note that exams need to be paid in full for your seat to be secured
  • Receive confirmation of your exam booking


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