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The Netcampus Group SAP training can improve business outcomes. Certified SAP engineers and users add significant value by reducing the cost of technology solutions and improving efficiency, fuelling innovation. Through authorized SAP training, Netcampus empowers engineers, developers and end-users to realise their full potential by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to optimise the adoption and use of SAP solutions.

The Netcampus Group considers authorised SAP training to be an integral part of any SAP implementation. SAP authorised training, and associated certification, ensures that you get the most from your technology investment and that you can operate above the technology curve. SAP career certifications are universally recognised as demonstrating a high level of expertise and credibility for individuals and the organisations that employ them.

Netcampus has maintained the status of reseller Learning Partner for SAP in South Africa over the past decade. This is the strategic level of accreditation that SAP awards to Learning Partners that specialize in technical, product, sales, development, end-user and solutions training. These achievements reflect our commitment to providing our customers with quality skills development, enablement, training, and certification solutions that demonstrate exceptional depth, breadth, and expertise across SAP S/S4HANA cloud, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Customer Experience, Intelligent Enterprise, and SAP Cloud Platform technologies.

We offer affordable and engaging courses to unlock potential.