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About vCademy

The Netcampus Group offers vCademy which is a an online self-paced/e-learning and teaching marketplace with over 1600 courses to choose from. vCademy is aimed at business professionals, organisations and students who wish to further their careers by studying online, in the convenience of their offices or homes. Content is continuously added to the vCademy platform to stay up to date with market demand and technology trends. Over and above Life Skills, Business Skills, Technical and Non-Technical content available on this platform we also develop additional content in-house to custom-tailor solutions that are out of scope. We can use your IP or research content on your behalf.

Our selection of online courses remains highly competitive, and pricing is structured to give you a cost-effective solution that will enhance your or your team’s productivity whilst saving you travel time and associated cost. With our e-commerce functionality you can quickly choose your product/s, add to cart, and pay online. Group discounts are offered and sliding scales are available.

We offer affordable and engaging courses to unlock potential.