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Certified SAP engineers and users add significant value to the marketplace by reducing the cost of technology solutions whilst improving efficiency and fuelling innovation. Through authorized SAP training, Netcampus empowers engineers, developers and end-users to realise their full potential by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to optimise the adoption and use of SAP solutions.

Netcampus considers authorised SAP training to be an integral part of any SAP implementation. SAP authorised training, and associated certification, ensures that you get the most from your technology investment and that you can operate above the technology curve. SAP career certifications are universally recognised as demonstrating a high level of expertise and credibility for individuals and the organisations that employ them.

Authorized SAP training and certification is the industry standard for any solution that includes designing, selling, implementing, upgrading, managing, and operating SAP solutions.

For the last decade, Netcampus has maintained the status of reseller Learning Partner for SAP in South Africa. This is the strategic level of accreditation that SAP awards to Learning Partners that specialize in technical, product, sales, development, end-user and solutions training.

These achievements reflect our commitment to providing our customers with quality skills development, enablement, training, and certification solutions that demonstrate exceptional depth, breadth, and expertise across SAP S/S4HANA cloud, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Customer Experience, Intelligent Enterprise, and SAP Cloud Platform technologies.

Netcampus is recognized by SAP, and the industry, as having met rigorous standards for educational competency, service, customer satisfaction and investment in SAP technologies that will prepare the next generation of IT industry professionals.

Instructor-Led Training from SAP with Netcampus

Considered the world’s best training in SAP software. SAP courses delivered by expert instructors in traditional classrooms, or SAP Live Class (virtual) training. The most comprehensive, up-to-date training across the SAP software portfolio, at every level from the basic to highly advanced skills.

Flexible option of traditional classroom and virtual live training – standard or customer-specific
Reduced travel-related costs with virtual live training
Immediate access to experts and peers

Purchase Your SAP Learning Hub at Netcampus

SAP Learning Hub offers unlimited cloud-based access to a wealth of SAP skill-building knowledge, with a single affordable subscription. Individuals, business and universities can choose from thousands of training titles – including e-learning

  • 24x7 access to training content including SAP Learning Rooms
  • Self-paced e-learning courses, learning journeys, and e-books
  • Expert-led social learning forums
  • Access to live, fully configured versions of SAP software applications for real-world practice

  • SAP Learning Hub, professional edition, is ideal for customers with two or more SAP applications. For training in a single SAP application area, choose from one of eight SAP Learning Hub solution editions, featuring 10 hours of hands-on practice through SAP Live Access and two exam bookings for online certification in the cloud.

    The following content catalogues are available for subscription:

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Digital Platforms
  • Procurement and NetworksExpert-led social learning forums
  • Analytics
  • Customer Experience
  • IoT and Digital Supply Chain
  • People Engagement
  • Finance

  • SAP Learning Hub Purchasing Options

    SAP Learning Hub is available on a subscription basis and offers several flexible licensing options.

    To purchase SAP Learning Hub editions, contact our Netcampus SAP Technology Lead;
    Mpho Makgoka
    Send Email or make a Phone Call

    Free Trial 14-day free access Business edition Solution edition Professional edition
    Level of expertise Perform operational activities on non-metallic Telecommunication media SAP experts, Business users, End users SAP experts, Consultants, IT developers SAP experts, Consultants, IT developers
    Access to self-learning, on demand and live webinars Overview and detail content (Preview only) Overview and user content Overview and detail content All content
    Optional training systems available - Included Included Included
    Learning communities moderated by SAP experts Welcome room only Select study rooms only Solution area dependent Included
    Option of private cloud version - Included - Included

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