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Netcampus understands that the human capital of our Clients is the bounding pulse of their business. Through multiple online virtual instructor-led training methods including classroom, eLearning and cloud learning, we enable organisations to up-skill and internationally certify their staff on the latest technologies easily, effectively and efficiently. There is a sharp rise in cloud computing usage and we need skilled individuals that can support this uptake.

Are your employees geared for the new way of normal and the remote, virtual way of the world?

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Virtual Instructor-led Training ‘WOW FACTORS’

  • Experience live instructor-led virtual classroom training online and from the location of your choice. VILT also caters for students from remote locations;

  • Participate in exercises and collaborate with peers, similar to a physical classroom;

  • Enjoy the flexibility of cross-platform support in the comfort of our own environment;

  • It is the most efficient and cost effective way of instructor-led training – no travel, accommodation or associated costs that would typically be involved;

  • Students can comprehend topics on their own terms, utilise many different devices and attend training from anywhere that there is internet accessibility;

  • Schedule flexibility - the ease of accessibility of an online learning platform gives learners the opportunity to take a break at certain times of the work day to take a class;

  • VILT offers more than just clear communication between learners and the Instructor. The Netcampus team of experts include Virtual Knowledge Champions that allow for a smooth transitioning of traditional classroom-based instructor-led training (ILT) to online virtual instructor-led training (VILT). VILT helps to create an immersive learning experience for students. The live, real-time training environment, practical components, online labs and practice tests lends itself to a fulfilling, conducive and interactive training experience;

  • Students can register for and leverage of rich content available on eLearning platform to practice newly acquired skill via interactive video simulations and have access to rich, supporting material.

  • Authorised training and accompanying international certifications allow our Clients to gear themselves with workforce-ready skills, and more than ever youth empowerment, a mind-set change and exposure to the new method of learning is required.

Netcampus believes that it is our team’s ability to adapt to such a big change, that aids in keeping the lights on for our Clients during and after this global pandemic by offering:

An unmatched plethora of virtual vendor authorised training solutions virtually across our full product scope that includes, but are not limited to: Microsoft, Project Management, Service Management and Governance, EC-Council, Cisco, CompTIA, Check Point, SAP, Oracle, Cloud Credential Council. SAGE and MICT Seta programmes.

We mostly make use of Microsoft Teams to conduct our virtual real-time instructor-led online training to ensure that students still have the face-to-face experience. Where other specific platforms are prescribed by the vendor, ie. Moodle, Webex for VMware training or Zoom for Oracle training, Netcampus utilises the preferred platform and are fully geared to deliver the live training intervention, as if conducted in an actual classroom.

Coupled with our expertise in the training industry, our rich history of Virtual Training deliveries and success stories that have been accumulated over the past 20 years, our Clients can rest assured of a technology training partner of substance that provides a reliable service and a maximized return on investment.

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