The Netcampus Group has partnered with Cirrus to bring secure Online Assessments to the South African market. Online Assessments are fast becoming a modern way to save time and money in a results-driven world as technology advances.

Key benefits:

    • Reduces admin burden and saves time;
    • Secure and includes anti-cheating features;
    • AI Proctored assessment;
    • Adheres to legislation reducing business risk;
    • Quick and reliable results;
    • Prepares employees for real world tasks;
    • Microsoft 365 integration.

At Cirrus Assessment, we revolutionise the way educators approach e-assessments, streamlining processes to remove complexity and reduce stress. Our dedicated support and customer service teams ensure every aspect of the exam cycle—from booking to credentialing—is handled with ease and efficiency. Our powerful platform enables the creation of enhanced exams featuring advanced question types, detailed blueprints, and thorough psychometric analysis. As leaders in securing high-stakes exams, we employ robust anti-cheating technology, uphold ISO 27001 certification standards, and maintain 99.9% uptime. Cirrus empowers educators to focus on what truly matters: delivering outstanding educational outcomes

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