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Business Strategies to Skill and reskill your workforce to match technological growth.

Business Strategies to Skill and reskill your workforce to match technological growth.

Technology has a substantial impact on the workforce and although it transforms businesses to improve speed, quality, and services it is critical to skill your workforce to adapt to new technologies, for maximum Return On Investment. The netConsulting division develops Training Strategies in partnership with your business that will allow the business to narrow the gap between your existing and/or updated IT systems, and your workforce to gear for technological advances.

We deliver the expertise and support services needed to walk the journey with you end to end. This will allow you successfully implement and maintain medium to large projects which may vary from software and system implementation to user reporting and dashboarding.

Our methodology consists of 5 steps:

Key Services include:-

1. Analysis, implementation and Support Services | We provide the expertise and support to successfully implement new solutions in your business. Whether it is expert advice, customised solutions, ongoing support or coaching, implementation consulting is critical to a successful outcome. Our main focus throughout the process is transparency and inclusion of all stakeholders within your organisation.

2. Data Management Services | We assist with data management to ensure that the data is accurate and easy to access to assist in making informed business
decisions quickly.

3. Dashboard Reporting | We partner with you as an organisation in the design, development and customisation of Reports and to visualise the reports through Dashboards. This provides the business with a view of your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs) which may include areas such as ROI, sentiment analysis and regional and divisional indicators. Dashboard reports allows you to drill down up to employee level. This ensures that you have your company’s performance at your fingertips.

4. Content Development Services | By partnering with our design and development experts, you will have access to a wide variety of methodologies that allows you to customise any material to match your business requirements or address specific business challenges. We have the ability to assist you with Knowledge Management strategies and process and system designs that will allow you to manage documentation effectively. In addition, our services include Content Development Services (technical writing, user manuals training material and online help systems).

5. eLearning Solutions | Our eLearning solutions are specifically designed to cater to your unique requirements. Services include customised solutions via eLearning best practices, instructional design and technology-based solutions. Content can be utilized via the Netcampus Learning Management System, or your own Learning delivery platform. We do offer a managed support service and have a dedicated support helpdesk to assist you in your eLearning journey.

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